Panthers News · Winona Powerlifting Meet Results

Congratulations to the following athletics for their finishes in the Winona Powerlifting Meet that was held on Saturday.

In the team standings, boys finished 2nd and the girls finished 5th

Individual boys:
2nd place Zane Decker 123 weight class 550 total
1st place Colton Goettle 181 weight class 1115 total
2nd place Bayne Brinkman 198 weight class 1055 total
2nd place Brandon Krenek 220 weight class 1085 total
3rd place Kaden Ramo 242 weight class 920 total
3rd place Tony Natera 275 weight class 1130 total
1st place Jacob Kimbrough 275 weight class 1400 total and was best lifter in the boys division.

Individual girls:
2nd place Ale Guerrero 530 total
3rd place Taylor Brewer 575 total
1st place Rachel Petree 1100 total and was best lifter in the girls division.