Panthers News · Schedule Change for Jr. Bears Relays tomorrow

Due to incoming weather, Gladewater has changed the schedule up to try and get it all in before the storm. They moved the running first and put the field events (except discus) last. Here is the new schedule.



3:00 7th Grade Boys & Girls 2400   (run together)


8th Grade Boys & Girls run together immediately following 7th grade


Discus begins due to being outside of stadium


Throw Order;  7B/8B/7G/8G


3:30 Running Order 7th/8th Girls followed by the 7th/8th Boy


400m Relay

800m Run

100m Hurdles Girls

110m Hurdles Boys

100m Run

800m Relay

400m Run

300m Hurdles

200m Run

1600 m Run (May Combine Groups if Needed due to Time)

1600m Relay


First call for field events will be made at the beginning of the mile relays.


Shot                7G/8G/7B/8B

Long Jump        8B/7B/8G/7G

Triple Jump        8G/7G/8B/7B

High Jump        7G/7B/8G/8B

Pole Vault        8B,7B / 8G/7G