Panthers News · SHJH Boys Basketball Update (Gladewater Tournament)

Hello to all, I am very disappointed to inform that our Gladewater tournament has been canceled. Today I was informed that we were left out of the tournament. We want to let you know that Spring Hill coaches did our due diligence well in advance for Spring Hill to be entered and ready to go,  it is just very unfortunate and we are disheartened by this as we at want our kids to have every opportunity to compete and to display their hard work. We are very disappointed for the kids. We are looking at entering another tournament that would supplement for this one. I am hoping to make these games up with a good tournament maybe in early January. I have my fingers crossed that we can make this work for our kids. As soon as I know of something I will definitely send out the information. Thank you for your valuable time and patience with this matter. We will do everything in our power to provide more opportunities for our players to compete in the near future. Thank you again and have a good day!

Coach Hattier