Panthers News · Results from HS Gilmer Lineman Challenge

Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, Spring Hill had 6 kids show up for a lineman challenge two days after school let out for the summer. Two Juniors; Carson Manasse, Dylan Winchester represented Spring Hill in the Varsity Division. Brandon Krenek and Tavion Sterling (Sophomores), Dylan Mallett and Tony Natera (Freshman) represented Spring Hill in the JV Division. These kids were excited to showcase all the hard work they have put in during the off-season, spring semester. Top 2 competitors in each division were awarded a medal. Here are the results:


Bench Press – JV 135lbs

Brandon Krenek – 23 reps 1st Place (won tiebreaker)

Tavion Sterling – 23 reps 2nd Place

Dylan Mallett – 18 reps 4th Place

Tony Natera – 17 reps 5th Place

Bench Press – Varsity 185lbs

Carson Manasse – 19 reps 3rd Place

Dylan Winchester – 4 reps 7th Place

Hang Clean – JV 135lbs

Brandon Krenek – 16 reps 1st Place

Tony Natera – 14 reps 2nd Place

Tavion Sterling – 13 reps 3rd Place

Dylan Mallett – 11 reps 5th Place

Hang Clean – Varsity 185lbs

Carson Manasse – 10 reps 2nd Place

Dylan Winchester – 1 rep 7th Place

QB Sack Drill – JV

Tony Natera – 1.66 sec 1st Place

Dylan Mallett – 1.75 sec 2nd Place

Tavion Sterling – 1.93 sec 3rd Place

Brandon Krenek 1.97 sec 5th Place

QB Sack Drill – Varsity

Dylan Winchester – 1.95 sec 4th Place

Carson Manasse – 2.10 sec 7th Place

Obstacle Course – JV 

Tony Natera – 1st Place

Brandon Krenek – 3rd Place

Dylan Mallett – 5th Place

Tavion Sterling – 6th Place

Obstacle Course – Varsity

Carson Manasse – 3rd Place

Dylan Winchester – 6th Place


Half of the medals went to Spring Hill! Proud of these kids!