Coed Middle School Cross Country JH, Coed Varsity Cross Country High School · Pine Tree Meet Recap

With the return of the legendary hill “Big Mama”, the old course at
Katy Ranch was back. And so were the Spring Hill XC teams. Beginning
the morning were the High School guys, with all 15 high school guys
lining up to race. Suiting up two full Varsity boys teams, together
they charged though a pack of around 150 runners. Running as one large
team, they were able to push the limits, allowing for two top 20
finishers, personal records, and many strong races.
Following the boy’s race was two of the girls Varsity runners.
Trailing through course, Sophomore Marissa Seyer was able to get out
hard, surge when needed and then cross the finish line for 12th place,
being her best finish on the course. Following Seyer would be freshman
Annabeth Hood, making it her Katy ranch and Varsity debut, finishing
the course in the top half of the field.
Which would lead right into the Junior Varsity girls race, where
runners would visit the course for the first time, and others were out
for revenge against the course, that usually kills any thought of a
PR. The team would finish 7th out of 14 teams, and have one in the top
20, and three in the top 30. Allowing three runners to PR on the
course, and others to get a taste of true CC running.
Finally to end the day, were both junior high races. For the boys,
they only had two returners for race, meaning many newcomers were to
step up, and just like previous races, they would.  With three in the
top twenty, five in the top 50, and many personal records for the day.
Which would pay off as they would go on to finish second place as
team, 40 points better than the closest 4A team. Only to be beat once
again by 5A, Mt. Pleasant. The girls would then follow, one runner shy
of a full team. They would be paced by eigth grader Riley Johnson and
followed by teammate Haleigh Yoder. The girls would push through the
course, and for seventh grade runners they would learn the word pain,
goes hand in hand with racing at Katy Ranch, as they would push to the
finish tired, hot, and fatigued. Yet, the horror stories would show to
not be enough to keep young sixth grader, Blair Bodenhimer from racing
with her future teammates, finishing 56th out of 204 runners!
The teams all raced tough this weekend. Setting many PRs and as always
learning specific things to work on for the next meet. Runners will be
back at work Sunday, gearing up for the McNeil Invitational in
Roundrock next weekend. And two and a half weeks from the District


VARSITY BOYS→ (3rd as a team / 13th out of 18 teams  & 136 runners total)
Kalen Barlow – 5th overall 18:36 (last year 21:43)
Hayden Bray- 18th overall 19:20 (last year 24:35)
Austin Martin- 29th overall 19:29 (last year 20:53)
Mason Hancock- 39th overall 20:05 (last year 21:53)
Caleb Hutcheson- 41st overall 20:10.5 (last year 2 mile 15:53)
Craig Hunnicutt- 42nd overall 20:10.83  (last year 25:40)
Marshall Bodenhimer- 43rd overall 20:14 (last year 2 mile 14:43)
Carson Barnhill- 51st overall 20:36 (last year 2 mile 15:30)
Colton Goettle- 62nd overall 21:03
Brody Barnhill- 78th overall 21:42  (last year 2 mile 16:06)
Walker Holt- 108th overall 23:34 (last year 2 mile 18:05)
Drew Bassett- 121st overall 25:29
Joe Saenz- 125th overall 26:28
Brian Vaca- 127th overall 26:39 (last year 2 mile 16:28)
David McFatridge- 128th overall 26:51 (last year 2 mile 20:55)

VARSITY GIRLS- 125 total runners
Marissa Seyer- 12th 13:51 (last year 16:24)
Annabeth Hood- 52nd 16:02

JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS- 7th out of 14 teams & 108 runners
Tierney Skogen- 19th 16:28 (last year 18:26)
Jaden James- 28th 17:02 (last year 19:10)
Peyton Borens- 32nd 17:08  (last year 20:45)
Katie Johnson- 73rd overall 19:47 (last year 19:24)
Lexie Jones – 83rd overall 20:14

JUNIOR HIGH BOYS- 2nd out of 20 teams & 196 runners
Nick Bodenhimer- 9th overall 12:46 (last year 16:02)
Jaden Giddings- 15th overall 13:11
Jordan Hodges- 18th overall 13:13 (last year 15:26)
Joseph Egbe- 37th overall 13:56 (last year 17:55)
Cason Owens- 54th overall 14:34
Chris Arrendondo- 65th overall 15:07  (last year 18:55)
Sam Lepire- 80th overall 15:32
Jake Seymour- 82nd overall 15:36
Zen Estralla- 100th overall 16:07
Zachary Schott- 176th overall 19:55

JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS- 204 total runners
Riley Johnson- 21st overall 16:11 (last year 19:21)
Haleigh Yoder- 25th overall 16:31
Blair Bodenhimer- 56th overall 17:46
Blythe Davis- 92nd overall 19:17
Erin Hunnicutt- 198th overall 29:25