Coed Middle School Cross Country JH, Coed Varsity Cross Country High School · Union Grove Meet Recap 2017

On your mark, get set, go! Three phrases runners of the Spring Hill Cross Country Team have been waiting to hear since May. And at last, this past Saturday (Aug 26th), the time had come.
“We have worked extremely hard all summer long, putting on more miles than ever before and really taking our training to the next level,” said Sophomore Kalen Barlow. “I reached my 1000 mile mark, my first 10 mile run, and had many great moments with my team this summer leading up this race, and this season our goal is to turn some heads as they see SH coming.”
And turn heads they did. From the start, they were given basically two options: rise up or give up. And with their coach out of commission, many chose to Rise. Lead by Assistant Todd BonDurant and many parents pitching in, the runners and bikers that made up SH CC rose to the challenge. Stretching each other, giving pep talks, and cheering one another, they ensured those watching knew what SH was all about. Then from the Varsity boys race to the JV boys race, it was evident that SH was one of the top teams.
“It wasn’t the best race as far as courses go, but the weather was perfect and it was a great one to kick off the season,” sophomore Marissa Seyer “We have a lot of work to do, but I am excited for what we will do this season, we started off great!”
Varsity boys would end the day with one runner finishing in the top ten, three in the top 50, and with a team average around 18:30 for the 5k course. Which is far greater than ever before. The JV girls would also have many highlights, one being two top ten finishers, with one of them being eighth grader Riley Johnson. The JV boys would officially end the day, and end with the most exciting races of the day! With two in the top 20, four top 30, seven in the top 50, and with and overall team place of third! Competing against all A divisions and having four JH runners running as well.
“I was so nervous leading up to this race, it was my first ever and I had to run with the JV,” said seventh grader Jace Jones “But now I am so glad I did, and can’t wait to race again and see where I will end up against people my own age.”
Now with the first race behind them, the SH runners look at what is next. Fine tuning their training, upping the miles, and rising to every hurdle thrown at them. Next up will be the Backwoods Gallup, hosted by East Texas Charter, located at LeTourneau University.


VARSITY BOYS (4th as a team out of 26 teams, and 203 runners):
6th Kalen Barlow- 16:01
37th Haden Bray- 17:06
47th Austin Martin- 17:19
91st Craig Hunnicutt- 17:54
103 Mason Hancock- 18:10
160 Peyton White- 20:07

JUNIOR VARSITY BOYS (3rd as a team out of 20 teams, and 209 runners):
15th Marshall Bodenhimer- 16:44
23rd Caleb Hutcheson- 16:56
27th Colton Goettle- 17:02
31st Drew Bassett- 17:12
38th Carson Barnhill- 17:28
43rd Nick Bodenhimer- 17:36 (8th grader)
58th Walker Holt- 18:05
59th Brody Barnhill- 18:07
103rd Brian Vaca- 19:37
128th David McFatridge- 20:28
141st Chris Arrando- 21:08 (8th grader)
163rd Jackson Perritt- 21:52 (8th grader)
169th Adrian Rodriguez- 22:14
174th Jace Jones- 22:30 (7th grader, and 1st CC race ever)

JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS (9th as a team out of 18 and 174 runners)
5th Marissa Seyer- 14:17
9th RIley Johnson- 14:44 (8th grader)
15th Annabeth Hood- 15:00
44th Jaden James- 16:34
Tierney Skogen- 17:34
86th Lexie Jones- 17:43
117th Kaitryn Johnson- 19:33
128th Nicole Trussell- 19:48
142nd- Peyton Borens- 20:16