Coed Middle School Cross Country JH, Coed Varsity Cross Country High School · Cross Country Info Meeting Announcement

It is about that time again!!

Time to begin working towards the road to state for 2017!! Many runners who have been in the program for a while have already began to rack up their miles and we are about to order the next set of shirts for the 1000 mile club!!!

We will have many things to discuss at this meeting to get all squared away for the upcoming 2017 season, so when it gets rolling we will not have to worry about anything (other than the random things that usually come up). So please if you have a runner or as a runner have any questions regarding CC, or are already saying you want to join, this will be a perfect time to get everything taken care of!

It will be May 22nd @5:30-6:30 pm in the High School Library.

Things to discuss:

Fundraisers, Schedules, Practices and overlapping sports, summer schedules and routines, sign ups for food/water/long run Saturdays and much more!!!