Multiple Teams · JH District Meet Recap

Scorching sun, shortened season, and numerous changes were just to name a few of challenges the Junior High Tracksters had to overcome as they went to defend the district crown this past Friday. Altogether, the teams accumulated 63 season best performances, 71 medals (1st-6th finishers), and one first place team trophy, making it the 4th consecutive victory for the 8th grade boys this season! The athletes not only battled heat, and a long day, but a very tough field of competitor’s who they matched up against for the first time on Friday.

For the seventh grade girls the meet became a challenge for some, and for others it provided a chance for them to learn to rise to the occasion. Which is exactly what occurred in the 2400 as Riley Johnson blazed around the track for a 1 minute, 7 second personal best (9:35), and finishing in first place 100 meters ahead of second. She would then come back in the 1600 and gain another personal best (5:35), beating her old time by 43 seconds. Johnson would end up being backed up by teammates Tyra Tatum and Erin Gregson, who would bring in 36 points of their own to add to the teams point totals, helped provide the opportunity for the team to earn 3rd place overall and just shy of 3 points from 2nd (Gilmer).

Challenge after challenge is how you would describe the 8th grade girls track team this spring. From injuries to tryouts and many things in-between, for this group this season provided a chance for anyone to step. Coming in 4th place again at district, they not only were able to maintain their position in district, but able to raise up new potential runners, jumpers, and throwers into the mix for next year. Many runners discovered new races, many learned the difference in skipping practice and attending, and others learned how track is much more than an individual sport, but a team sport. Runners would end the season setting huge personal bests’, and providing them an excellent time to begin with for next year, while for throwers and jumpers they would discover the importance of technique and practice that will soon pay off.

Starting off the day, three teams would be watched to win. Gladewater, Chapel Hill, and Spring Hill. In every race, those three would battle to the finish and fight for victory. Yet, despite the 7th grade boys, not winning they were still able to earn a total of 22 medals and record 14 season best performances. Leading them were small group of distance boys, who would bring all runners to point from both the 2400 (14 points) and 1600 (12 points). Eric Morrow who would blaze his way past the finish line in both the 100 and 200 meter races, not only earning a first place finish but season bests’ as well. Other great standouts were the hurdle races, where big PRs were set, and the vertical jumps and throwing events where Spring Hill would gain points, distance, and more excitement as their hard work was proving to pay off. Which it would in allowing them to end up with the third place finish as a team, only shy of 1 point for 2nd place, and 12 points for first place. Needless to say, next year will be a time for revenge as they will still aim for that ultimate “District Championship”.

Then ending the evening was the eighth grade boys, who were destined for victory. Coming off the field events the scores were very close between Gilmer and Spring Hill, meaning every point could either help them win or lose. And with 20 season bests’ recorded for the day and 24 medals, I believe it is safe to say they knew what was at stake. And it was that mentality that carried the eighth grade boys to achieve their ultimate goal: District Championship. Starting with another spectacular performance from the 2400 group, another solid 400 run by the quarter miler group, and then all field event participants jumping and throwing at record rates, it was proof it was going to take everyone to make the goal possible. Coming off with three meet championships from throw-out the season, the target was already placed on their backs, yet heart and fight is in each of these boys and over time they have learned what it takes, and in the end they were willing to make the painful sacrifices and yell at the top of their lungs for a teammate to make the dream a reality, follow last year’s footsteps and begin to play out their own legacy. They became District Champs, it wasn’t guaranteed or handed down.

Throughout the season all groups, including others who didn’t attend the district meet, worked hard and pushed themselves beyond anything they ever thought. Spring Hill Junior high this season had another great season for track. Enthusiasm, dedication, and heart combined with a bunch of kids seeking to find their place, brought more light into the track world. Runners, who have never run, ran and in the end found out that it’s not all about just running, but learning to push past your limits to achieve victory…nothing great ever comes easy.

We would like to thank all the parents and athletes for another great season!!








100 M DASH

Layla Tennison- 15.32 (.5 sec better)

Nick Alexander- 14.91 (.2 sec better)

200 M DASH

Naja Jackson- 30.59 (1 sec better)

Tai Reid- 27.50 ( 1.5 sec better)

Eric Morrow- 25.50 ( 1 sec better)

400 M DASH

Lainee Cornell- 74.331 (3 sec better)

Sadie Sparks- 70.58 (3 sec better)

Christian Gonzales- 63.88 (1 sec better)

Cory Cagle- 611.40 (1 sec better)

Landon Coe- 73.84 (1 sec better)

Brody Barnhill- 58.40 (1 sec better)

Jose Delgadillo 62.75 (1 sec better)

800 M RUN

Samantha Schott- 2:30.03 (10 sec PR)

Brody Barnhill- 2:18 (2 sec better)

Carson Branhill- 2:17.9 (3 sec better)

Grant Fisher- 2:18.5 (3 sec better)

1600 M RUN

Riley Johnson- 5:35 (43 sec better)

Maz Morton- 6:30 (10 sec better)

Samantha Schott- 6:14 (3 sec better)

Joseph Egbe- 6:08.31 (2 sec better)

Marshall Bodenhimer- 5:45 (1 sec)

2400 M RUN  (almost 100% improvements)

Riley Johnson- 9:35 (1 min and 7 tter)

Maddie Kennedy- 11:40 (8 sec better)

Starling Crisler- 11:00 (15 sec better)

Maz Morton- 10:11 (30 sec better)

Peyton Borens- 10:56 (14 sec better)

Gracie Schmit- 11:33 (10 sec better)

Joseph Egbe- 9:21 (40 sec better)

Nick Bodenhimer- 9:00 ( 2 sec better)

Caleb Hutchinson- 8:54 (35 sec better)

Colton Goettle- 8:58 (18 sec better)

Marshall Bodenhimer- 8:57 (8 sec etter)


Dallan Palmer- 19.22 (.05 sec better)










Kaylee O’Brien- 65.72 (4 sec better)

Macy Reavis- 69.49 (2 sec better)

Sophia Massare- 59.79 (.2 sec better)

Kenzie Gee- 55.81 (1 sec better)

Ben Puckett- 50.72 (1 sec better)

Colby Horn- 54.97 (2 sec better)

Evan Howard- 54.97 (2 sec better)

Carson Barnhill- 45.02 (2 sec better)

Corvin Withrow- 45.12 (3 sec better)

Dallan Palmer- 47.31 (2 sec better)


7th girls- 1:59.95 (3 sec better)

4×400 M RELAY

8th girls- 4:48.78 (5 sec better)


Jaden James- 13-10 ½ (5 in better)

Tai Reid- 14-9 ½ (4 in better)

Curtis Crowe- 16-5 ¼ (7 in better)

Kayden Miller- 15-5 (4 in better)

Michael Marrs- 16-4 ¼ (1 foot better)


Rachel Petree- 33-1 (1 foot better)

Sadie Sparks- 29-5 ½ (1 foot better)

Tony Natera- 32-9 ½ (4 in better)

Colby Bowles- 36-11 (4 in better)

Jacob Kimbrough- 34-1 ½ (1 foot better)


Kylie Hinson- 64-1 (3 feet better)

Rachel Petree- 75-9 (4 feet better)

Sadie Sparks- 65-6 (1 foot better)

Evan Howard 96-10 (10 feet better)

Grayson Crews- 79- (4 feet better)


Tyra Tatum- 33-2 ¼ (3/4 in better)

Kenzie Gee- 30-8 (3/4 in better)

Corvin Withrow- 36-9 ½ (1 foot better)


AnnaBelle Casimerio-  6-6 (6 in better)

Erin Gregson- 6-6 (6 in better)

Samantha Schott- 7-6 (1 foot better)

Brody Barnhill- 9-6 (1 foot better)

Carson Barnhill- 9-6 (6 in better)